New Jerusalem Seventh-Day Adventist® Church

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Our history rooted in the past growing into the future.

Establishment of the Church 

Ninety-Five years ago in 1921, a Seventh-Day Adventist company of people was organized. In the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Davis at 2420 Missouri Avenue. the following year, 1933, Elder R. A. Benjamin was sent to hold Evangelistic Meetings, and he organized the company of people into a church under the Southern Illinois Conference. The Charter Members were; Mary France Reid, James and Viola Davis, G. W. and Sarah Hunter, Jessie and Johnnie Reid, frank Reid, Malinda Evans, and Celesta Russel.

Growth of the Church

For many years the Church did not have a permanent home. They met in member's home,Malinda Evan's home on Russell, community centers,John Robinson School, 1500 Bond Avenue; The Hodcarrier's Building, 1400 Walnut; 1600 Lawerence and other buildings.The last meeting was at 2000 Trendley, which was the first Seventh-Day Adventist Church established in East St. Louis, Illinois. The groundbreaking ceremony for the the new building of the first church was held July 4, 1950. The church was completed in October of 1950 under the pastoralship of Elder Walter Kassach. 

Events of the Church           

In 1945, Elder Leon Davis held the first Evangelistic Campaign at 2000 Trendley Avenue. As a result of this evangelistic campaign, Ida Robinson, and her family from Culp, Illinois and others became baptized members into the First Seventh-Day Adventist Church in East St. Louis. Later the church transitioned from the Southern Illinois Conference to the Lake Region Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.

Faithful Members in the Church

Pioneers such as Howard and Annie Gilbert, R. C. and Mary Hooks, Ida Robinson and Family, Milton Cartwright, Minnie Williams, Marion and Ruby Smith, Jessie, and Theresa Reid and Willis and Carrie Moore. Worship services were held for twenty-two years at Trendley Avenue location. during this period, the Pastors were: Elder Walter Kassach, Parker Lawrence, Lloyd Kirk, Oswald Gordon, John W. Wright, Marshall Kelly, Gerald Wells, R.C. Brown, Lawrence Shepard, and Edward Avinger. In 1972, Sister Naomi Boyd noticed a church for sale. Elder Avinger led the congregation in purchasing a much larger facility at 1200 Bunkum Road in East St. Louis, Illinois where there was land, a church and a house for sale at $40,000. The purchase was made and the new name was changed from Trendley Avenue SDA Church to Reid Memorial SDA Church in remembrance of a faithful and dependable charter member until his death.

More History of the Church

While at 1200 Bunkum Road, the pastors were, Elder Edward Avinger, Vernon Joyner, Robert Smith, Charles Gibson, and Pastor Henry Holt. Elder Henry Holt came and sensed the need of even a much larger place of worship. He located a Presbyterian church for sale at 6901 State Street in East St. Louis, Illinois. A building fund was launched, and the congregation rallied behind the program.

Accomplishments of the Church

On January 15, 1993, only three and one-half months later, a large caravan, escorted by city police officials, left the church on Bunkum Road on their way to worship in the new edifice at 6901 State Street where we have been for the past 23 YEARS! We can indeed say, "It is no secret what GOD can do: " To God be the GLORY." even to this present time, God continues to equip His leaders with Holy Spirit's Power! and God given words to lead his children into the "Promised Land."

Pastor's of the Church

R.A. Benjamin, Elder Edgehill, Dresden Dixon, James Mosley, C.T. Richards, Leon Davis, Walter Kassach, Parker Lawrence, Lloyd Kirk, Oswald Gordon, John W. Wright, Marshall Kelly, Gerald Wells, R.C. Brown, Lawrence Shepard,  Edward Avinger, Vernon Joyner, Robert Smith, Charles Gibson, Henry Holt, A. T. Lewis, Samuel Thomas, Jr., George Bryant, Nevilon Meadows, Eric Bell, Keynel Cadet, Keith Paschal, Dewayne Ducumbe, Wayne Hosten, Brinton McKenzie, Present: Pastor Nigel David & 1st Lady Maryline David

Finally for the Church

As the Israelites were reminded, to remember how the Lord has led them, there is no reason to fear. For the LORD has said, "Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee;yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."







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